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Sleek & Beautiful

Affordable, versatile photo & video studio in SW London

Whether you want to shoot high fashion, boudiour, youtube videos, movie worthy green screen or even stream mixed reality VR we can help.

Photo, video & streaming studio space for hire in SW London

Small and mighty studio with reasonable rates open 7 days a week!

Sleek & Beautiful

3m wide Chroma Green Screen Cave!

Want to shoot a movie epic? Get creative with fantasy photography or create amazing virtual reality videos this epic chroma green screen with rubberised flooring is the place to do it!

Sleek & Beautiful

Multiple sets, props and backdrops

This small but mighty studio brings you several sets to choose from as well as a sofa, many chairs and stools and backdrops from fabric drops to classic white paper rolls.

Sleek & Beautiful

Studio lights or natural light - we have both

Huge windows take up one side of the studio with additional light from two skylights and one long side window. Or use blackout curtains and opt for studio lighting instead. The choice is yours.

A few of our sets and backdrops!

Flexible shooting space for photos or videos in London

Sleek & Beautiful

Vintage Office Set

Type out a letter of complaint about all that newfangled interwebs in the vntage office set complete with typewriter, desk set, antique camera props oh and one of those green bankers lamps.

Sleek & Beautiful

French Boudior Chic

Get ready for a long day of lounging at the Louis style dressing table complete with silver brush set and an array of antique perfume bottles to beautiful your day.

Sleek & Beautiful

Backdrops Galore!

White paper, black fabric, chroma green, cream, grey, black or damask curtains, a wooden screen and more - we have a lot of backgrounds to choose from!

Sleek & Beautiful

Chroma Green

Immerse yourself in green! Nothing like flying through space, shooting aliens in VR or jetting around the world without leaving the studio!